Avengers, Apostles, and Us

Our October Sermon Series:

Screenings: Post-Production; Pastoral Reflections.

Last week we began with Sherlock Holmes.  This week we tackle The Avengers.  A group of people with amazing capabilities and potential to change the world, but who spend much of their time bickering, arguing over who is the greatest, and becoming annoyed at the way their compatriots do thingsHeroes

There is no doubt that together, we can do more than we ever could alone, but what is the cost?  What does it mean to really work together, and do common goals make up for clashing personalities and cultural, socio-economic, and generational differences?  Are we truly greater than the sum of our parts, or is something also lost when we decide to make a commitment to something bigger than ourselves?

In many ways, the struggles of the Avengers are the struggles of the apostles, and these same problems face all of us today.  Is it okay not to like everyone on your team?  Can you truly work with someone who you think you are greater than?  And who is really leading this group anyway?

Today we continue our exploration of some of the spiritual lessons playing on the big screen and on our TVs and smart phones – right before our eyes!


We Gather and Sing …

Introit: Down to the River to Pray      Arr. S. Curry

Many Gifts, One Spirit        –       UMH #114

We Pray Together:   Psalm 9: 11-20              UMH P. 744


We Receive the Message …

Scripture Lessons: Ecclesiastes  4: 9-12  “Two are better than one.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Mark 9: 33-35    “Who is the greatest?”

1 Corinthians 1: 10-15    “Is Christ divided?”

Message for Young Disciples

Together We Serve – TFWS #2175

Today’s Message: “Avengers, Apostles, and Us”                                –           Adam Hall


We Respond …

Tithes & Offerings

Offertory: Meteor Shower – Owl City

Sharing our Life Together—Joys, Concerns, Announcements


We Are Sent …

With Singing …   Help Us Accept Each Other – UMH #560

With Blessing …

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Thanks be to God!


Meteor Showers – Today’s Offertory Song

Mark Demers

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