Tuesdevo – Getting Noticed: Steinem re: Cyrus

Pressure is on these days to “get noticed”.  If you manage to make it into the news stream, the next challenge is to stay there.  So … Miley Cyrus got noticed during the VMA awards, and noticed again with her Wrecking Ball video.  Her antics were quite the buzz for a while, but feminist icon Gloria Steinem has put the entire thing into perspective.  When asked if she thought Cyrus had set the feminist Get Noticedmovement back, she said: “No.”  Steinem laments the fact that a woman has to be nude to be noticed, but “that’s the way the culture is”.  While Steinem doesn’t exactly applaud Miley, she does acknowledge that, “given the game that exists, women make decisions.”  Miley is playing the game that culture imposes on women.  The challenge, says Steinem, is not so much to change the Miley’s of the world.  The challenge is to change the culture.

That’s what Jesus came to do – one Miley at a time.  One man at a time – Change the culture.  He modeled it.  His status was not used for his own advantage.  Paul got it.  By the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought.

We need others to know we are here.  But how much space and notoriety will it take to satisfy us?  Maybe today – we could be a bit more intentional about noticing others and less concerned with who is noticing us.

Steinem on Cyrus


Mark Demers

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