Sunday 10.20.13: Empire Business

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Our October Sermon Series: Screenings: Post-Production Pastoral Reflections.

Our focus shifts to TV this week, and Breaking Bad. In Season 5, Walt says “I’m in the empire business.”

Breaking Bad shows us the way in which pursuing power – even with supposedly noble intentions – can be so corrupt-ing. Walter’s lies protect his desire to essentially be a one-man empire, to control people and events and money in such a way that he would become a kind of god (Heisenberg). This takes us to the root of empire in the Garden (be like God), and the events that immediately follow (Cain/Abel murder, Babel, and crazy Genesis in general, etc.). This also brings us to the precedent for the church being a place of tearing down the stronghold of em-pire.

How does the desire for/pursuit of power and control have a corrupting effect on all of us? How have we moved in this direction at times, like Walt, by telling one little lie? In what ways do we need to confess/repent of this in our lives? And how might that lead us to revival in our own spirit and in the church?

Today we continue our exploration of some of the spiritual lessons playing on the big screen, our smart phones, and on our TVs – right before our eyes!


We Gather and Sing …

We Shall Overcome        –       UMH #533

We Pray Together:   Psalm 146              UMH P. 858


We Receive the Message …

Scripture Lessons –
Genesis 3:1-5, Matthew 6:25-34, *Romans 10:5-13

Message for Young Disciples

I Want Jesus to Walk With Me – UMH #521

Today’s Message: “Empire Business” by Zach J. Hoag


We Respond …

Tithes & Offerings

Offertory: Mad World – Gary Jules / Roland Orzabal

Sharing our Life Together—Joys, Concerns, Announcements


We Are Sent …

With Singing … Bless the Lord, O My Soul 

With Blessing …

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Thanks be to God! 

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