Go Back No More

Season’s Meanings: Hallowed, Holly, Holy   We begin a series that takes us from All Saints through the secular and sacred festivals that conclude with “New Years”.  Once November hits the north country there can be no denying – winter is coming home.  So much of the world around us seems to die or go dormant during these cold months.  Even the sun leans away from us, leaving us in the dark.

People in every culture find ways to remember loved ones – special altars or shrines appear along roadsides.  Photos and flowers are lovingly placed on a table in the corner of a room.  Faith steps in to the intensely empty space death creates.  Followers of Jesus believe he is with us – in life, in death, and beyond death.  This isn’t wishful thinking.  It is faith that gives us the hope that what lies ahead, no matter how shrouded in the unknown, is blessed, holy, and held in the hands of Love; and nothing can separate us from that Love.  All Saints altar

This week we do as parishioners in this church have done for a number of years – we will create a bouquet that becomes part of our altar decoration.  We make an arrangement of our memories, recalling for us the love, life, and joy of relationships.  Our hearts once again bend under the burden of the sadness of separation, and our spirits rest in the hands of a hope for safety and peace for loved ones passed from this world.

We Gather and Sing …

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot                                      –                                      UMH #703

We Pray Together:   Psalm 23                                                              UMH P. 754

We Remember

All Saints Prayer & Bouquet – Bright Eyes—A. Garfunkel

We invite those of you who have brought flowers in honor and memory of loved ones to bring them forward and, if you so desire, to speak the name of your loved one into the microphone.

Glory to God in the Highest, and Peace to God’s People on Earth

We Receive the Message … 

"Moment of Truth" Carol Aust

“Moment of Truth”
Carol Aust

Message for Young Disciples


Scripture Lesson: Exodus 16:1-4

Romans 6:1-11

Luke 15:11-24

Today’s Message: “Go Back No More

We Respond …

Tithes & Offerings

The Great Thanksgiving

Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,

have mercy on us … and grant us your peace.

Communion Hymn Abide With Me – UMH #700

Sharing our Life Together

We Are Sent …

With Singing & Blessing: Give Me Jesus

In the morning when I rise … Give me Jesus.

You can have all this world.  Give me Jesus.


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Danny and Annie Perasa

Danny and Annie Perasa

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Garfunkel’s “Bright Eyes





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