Season’s Meanings: Thanksgiving – Our National Eucharist

Season’s Meanings: Hallowed, Holly, Holy   This is our second message in our November series – taking a look at holidays and asking if there is anything “holy” about them.  For this Sunday the holiday is “Thanksgiving”.

Cook.  Eat.  Clean up OR watch football.  Leftovers.  (Whatever happened to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?)  And now, we have added yet another option to the annual Thanksgiving Celebration – Go to work.  We aren’t waiting for the Friday after anymore.  It may be that whatever remnants of a family gathering or celebration had remained are now threatened by this new menace – shopping.

Rockwell's "Freedom From Want".

Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want”.

The event that precipitated our national holiday of Thanksgiving takes us back to the 17th century and a celebration that occurred following the autumn harvest in 1621.  With only half of the Mayflower’s  passengers and crew having survived the winter before, this was a feast marking life’s tenacity in the face of death.  It wasn’t explicitly called “Thanksgiving”, but for the Europeans in particular, having the larder full in anticipation of the second winter in this new world must have inspired some sentiments of gratitude.  And for a fleeting moment, newcomers and natives not only tolerated one another.  They helped each other.  Radical hospitality awaited the Plymouth colonists, extended to them by the Wampanoag People (“Indians”, so called).

Cook.  Eat.  Fall in love.  Fall radically, even if only fleetingly, in love.  “Thanksgiving” – perhaps this holiday is a moment during which the very heart of God is revealed to us.  Perhaps it is the American cultural equivalent of Passover, of Eucharist.  Now let us all give thanks … thanks to God

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We Pray Together:                            Psalm  111

Scripture sets the stage … Acts 10:1–35

Today’s Message: “Thanksgiving: Our National Eucharist”

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Ric Elias shares an experience.

Ric Elias shared his story in a TED talk.

Ric Elias shared his story in a TED talk.

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Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Louie Schwartzberg

Louie Schwartzberg

Blessing and Happiness – as shared by Louie Schwartzberg

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