Steady the Knees That Give Way

The Foolishness of the Gospel – God (Messing) With Us      In our third week with Isaiah, the prophet continues to challenge us without offering easy solutions or patronizing answers.  The cast of characters in Isaiah 35 include parched lands, feeble hands, weak knees, fearful hearts, blind eyes, deaf ears, the lame and mute, and dangerous haunts.  The imagery is of poverty, need, destitution.December 15 Streams in desert

Right alongside these ominous images, the prophet paints a parallel picture – of gladness, abundant water, beautiful blossoms, divine glory, strength for the feeble, comfort for the fearful.  The mute find their voice, the blind receive their sight, the deaf begin to hear, and the lame leap with newfound strength.  Instead of dangerous haunts, there are highways of holiness.

The question is this: How do we get from one place – that place of impoverishment, illness, danger – to the place of peace, prosperity, security?  How do we go from being refugees in foreign lands and wilderness wanderers (as was the case with Israel and many in Judah during the eighth through sixth centuries BC) to a people who come home?  “Home” – where there is joy and hope, and the promise of a meaningful future.

We don’t hope to resolve all the issues related to poverty and disease; Isaiah doesn’t make it that easy.  But there is something in the text worth our consideration – a seed of hope that is as timeless as it is powerful.  It offers itself to all of us – the rich as well as the poor, the powerful as well as the marginal.

This Sunday, we consider what it takes to “Steady the knees that give way …”

Psalm 146

Isaiah 35:1-10

Message:  Steady the Knees That Give Way


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