The Fifth Day of Christmas: December 29

A Word From The Youth…

About a month and a half ago, during our Sunday Conversation with the Pastors chat, one of our youth suggested that we invite younger  faces to the pulpit more often.  Well, this resonated with Rachel for a few reasons, one is that she simply enjoys empowering the youth whenever possible, but also that when she was a  teenager her pastor (her dad) had a tradition of inviting one or two youth to preach on the Sunday just before New Years each year. This was how Rachel got her preaching start. So, to honor the request, one or two youth have been invited to preach today.  In the spirit of Christmas they will gift us with some of their thoughts!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristmas Day 5… Five gold rings! Christmas as we know it is such a hodgepodge of traditions and celebrations. It has also been celebrated for longer and longer as time goes on.  Is Christmas one day, twelve days, a month and a half or does it really start sometime in October when the stores start putting out the   Christmas merchandise? Does what we celebrate in church have anything to do with the shopping that happens on Church Street? Do we need to “put the Christ back in Christmas” or is it more important to put the Christ back in Christian? How are we called to be like  Christmas lights, brightening up a cold, dark world?

Merry Christmas!

Scriptures:       Psalm 8      Mark 4:35 – 41          Luke 2:1-7

Message: Twelve Days of Christmas

In The Bleak Midwinter

Ave Maria


Rachel Fraumann

My personal mission is to translate the life and teachings of Jesus to the next generation of peace and justice seekers in and around Burlington Vermont. I’m always up for a friendly argument, a free hug, or to be available as a compassionate ear or shoulder to cry upon. I have an insatiable curiosity for ideas and love to talk about theology, religion, politics, science, or whatever is on your mind. My current passion is about peeling back the centuries of church tradition in order to find the root of our faith in the teachings and ministries of Jesus so that it can be put into practice. After fifteen years of professional ministry with young people I still love watching a newly empowered Child of God set out to change the world!