Tuesdevo: Signs of Devotion

Resolved: Spend more time in prayer.  Many a Christian has made that resolution at the beginning of the new year.

Question: What do you do for your own spiritual nourishment and growth?  Anyone who has applied either for licensing or ordination in the United Methodist Church has had that question put to them.Two Fingers

A recent study in the UK suggested that couples without children were able and apt to spend more time developing the relationship between themselves, and thus were happier.  (See the article by clicking HERE.)  As is often the case, the comments following the article reveal as much about people as does the article itself.

Does the presence of children enhance or threaten a marriage?  How do couples maintain the joy, love and excitement of their relationship, whether they have children or not?  I suppose we have to make decisions, don’t we?  I can blame the presence or lack of children for my own decisions to be attentive to my partner.  Or, I can be honest about it and recognize that, whether children are present or not, it takes discipline and commitment to maintain and grow my relationship with my spouse.

The same is true of our relationship with God.  Our soul is waiting for the Lord.  The Lord is our help and our shield.  So writes the Psalmist (Psalm 33:20).  We can blame busy schedules, work responsibilities, fatigue – you name it.  Or we can be disciplined about it and make the commitment to grow and nourish our spirit.

I hope you find a moment or two today during which your soul can wait for and experience the presence and love of God.  Have a blessed Tuesday.

Mark Demers

Want to talk about sex, politics, spirituality? So do I. I grew up in a religious home in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our country was reeling from assassinations and the devastation of the Viet Nam War. Looking for something beautiful, I got a degree in music, married the love of my life and had children. Looking for God, I then went to seminary. Looking for something that might transform the world, I became a local church pastor. Now, I’m always looking for people who want to talk about important things. I cherish conversations with emerging leaders, people who are antsy to try an idea they believe would change the world for the better. I’d would love to hear from you.