After Sunday – January 27 – Blog On

“Twitter is like a calling card.  Facebook is like a phone call.  Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation.”

Zach reminded us on Sunday – “In the beginning was the Word …”  In a sense, the scriptures tell us that from the January 27 Blogger who is Christianvery beginning it was all about conversation.  And conversation leads to relationship – “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Is it possible that one of the reasons for the dearth of folks younger than 40 (or even 50) in so many churches might have to do with us not having engaged in the conversation about spiritual matters with them?  In order to “engage”, we have to go where folks are, listen carefully to what they are saying, and respond in ways that make sense to them.

We are moving on.  We have spent enough time at First UMC Burlington discussing, debating, preaching, teaching, designing, branding, implementing our on line presence.  Now, we are going to take the next step – without talking too much about it.  We are going to focus on engaging our neighbors in the Burlington Area.  Now that we have the social media platform, we have to develop the content that honestly, openly, graciously allows for questions of faith to accompany doubt.  There is no doubt that what we do on line may well transform what we do “IRL” – “In real life”.  Are we ready to be who we have always been – a Christian community worshiping in downtown Burlington – even as we become something entirely new?

Pray that God will open doors for us to share the message of the mystery of Christ!  And pray that we will have the courage to walk through those doors, and the wisdom and grace to know what to say and how to say it.

Mark Demers

Want to talk about sex, politics, spirituality? So do I. I grew up in a religious home in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our country was reeling from assassinations and the devastation of the Viet Nam War. Looking for something beautiful, I got a degree in music, married the love of my life and had children. Looking for God, I then went to seminary. Looking for something that might transform the world, I became a local church pastor. Now, I’m always looking for people who want to talk about important things. I cherish conversations with emerging leaders, people who are antsy to try an idea they believe would change the world for the better. I’d would love to hear from you.