Believe What – Tradition or Transcendence?

If we had to stop and think through every move we made every day we would go crazy. Some things are best done for having done them so many times before that we don’t have to think about it. But that’s not true when it comes to our spirituality. In fact, that kind of “life by rote” is what suddenly haunts a person as they near the end of life and begin to wonder what they have been doing with their time.

   This Sunday we continue our “Believe What?” series by looking at our Scriptures and examining what they tell us about the power of “tradition” and the possibilities for “transcendent experience”. This is another one of those “do one, but don’t neglect the other” situations. While taking great comfort in spiritual disciplines that play themselves out over and over again in our lives, we have to always be open to the “new”, the unexpected. Life presents us with jaw-dropping, breath-taking moments that have the power to alter our course, renew our hope, reveal some ancient truth in a fresh way.

Our goal this week is not to put down “tradition”. We hope that worship will invite you into a familiar place where there are familiar faces; but maybe something will happen that will bring both peace to your soul and conviction to your heart. Jesus invites us to higher ground where we can meet God and experience awe. And suddenly, everything looks different.

Scripture Lessons:

     Exodus 19:16-22         Acts 9:1-9         John 9:24-25

The Message: Tradition or Transcendence?

Tradition – From ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

Seasonal Affect Disorder

 I have to believe he can come back …  –  The Two Towers


Mark Demers

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