Virtual Lenten Retreat at First UMC Burlington (Schedule and Sign Up)

Want to go on a retreat but life (sometimes in the form of growing children) just keeps getting in the way? We’re getting way out of the box this Lent and running a virtual retreat. From Friday, March 14 through Sunday March 16 we will have online conversations, guided devotionals, encouraged quiet time, and questions for self reflection. We’ll build community virtually and then meet up IRL before worship over breakfast (and with child care!) on the 16th. We will make it as flexible as possible so that you can attend to (we hope) both your spiritual needs and life’s busy demands… but also help you slow down a bit!

The Schedule:

Friday, March 14

  • 9:00 PM Online Conversation VIA Facebook Group (hopefully post-your children’s bedtime.*)
  • Personal Bedtime Prayer Liturgy (To be prayed through on your own whenever your bedtime may be.)

Saturday, March 15

  • 7:00 AM Online Conversation VIA Facebook Group (on the off chance the kids sleep in or watch Saturday morning cartoons, but at least before soccer practice!)
  • Saturday All Day Discussion Board on the Facebook Group (stop in when you can to read and comment on posts we put up throughout the day)
  • Saturday Afternoon Hour of Recharge (on your own time, carve out one hour to meditate or go for a slow uninterrupted walk or do yoga – whatever recharges you best sans electronics)
  • 9:00 PM Online Conversation VIA Facebook Group (again, hopefully post-your children’s bedtime.)
  • Personal Bedtime Prayer Liturgy (To be prayed through on your own whenever your bedtime may be.)

Sunday, March 16

  • 9:00 AM Gather at the church for an In Real Life conversation and breakfast. Childcare provided.
  • 9:45 AM Worship together with the whole church!

*Having children is not essential for this retreat, we’re just trying to keep in mind those who do!

Please sign up for the retreat by clicking here!

(Also, totally free of charge! Just join us!)

Rachel Fraumann

My personal mission is to translate the life and teachings of Jesus to the next generation of peace and justice seekers in and around Burlington Vermont. I’m always up for a friendly argument, a free hug, or to be available as a compassionate ear or shoulder to cry upon. I have an insatiable curiosity for ideas and love to talk about theology, religion, politics, science, or whatever is on your mind. My current passion is about peeling back the centuries of church tradition in order to find the root of our faith in the teachings and ministries of Jesus so that it can be put into practice. After fifteen years of professional ministry with young people I still love watching a newly empowered Child of God set out to change the world!