Worship Blog: Out of the Ordinary: Keep It To Yourself

Keep It To Yourself   God asks Job an interesting question: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?” Along with the fact that Job was not present for this moment of creation, the truth is: Neither was anyone else. We human beings have the ability to look backward in time, at least to some extent. Because of certain facts of physics and biology, “cause and effect”, we can speculate with high levels of accuracy what happened a few moments ago to create the current situation. We can review the minutes of meetings to learn what decisions were made and why they were made. Often times that helps us understand the predicament we are in now.

Our ability to “look backward” works for us as long as we remain within the boundaries of our current universe. But whatever your beliefs about the beginnings of things – whether you are an “evolutionist”, a “creationist”, or some combination of the two, once we bump up against the edges of time as we know it, our glance backward hits an impenetrable wall.

“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?” asks God. I’m not sure where I was; but I have no recollection of being there!

Can we say that some of the most important “divine work” is work done in secret? Whether we are talking about creation eons ago, or some spiritual awakening taking place right now within our own soul, isn’t it true that so much that is so important begins in ways hidden to others – and often hidden to ourselves?

This week we will consider the teaching of Jesus to his disciples when he tells them to be discreet when it comes to their almsgiving and their praying. So much of what God does is done – and can only be done – by God alone. Important things that later become obvious have their origins “in secret”. As it is with God, so it is with us.

Scripture Passages:   Selected Verses from Job 38-39Psalm 24;    Matthew 6:1-6

Message:  Keep It To Yourself


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