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Some Time At The Well     She came to the well at an odd hour of the day – Noon. Most people drew water early or late in the day to avoid the mid-day heat. Did she come at this odd hour because she was afraid to be with people who judged her? The story doesn’t exactly support that because later on, she went back to the village and seemed to have some influence with the people. “Come and see a man …” and they went and saw. And she doesn’t seem to have any hesitancy when it comes to carrying on a dialogue with Jesus.

Then, as Jesus often does, what seems to begin as an ordinary conversation becomes a moment of soul searching. It doesn’t stop with one person. The woman is so taken with her experience of Jesus that she invites others to experience him as well.

Good news comes to “Samaria” – read “Other”; “People not like us”; “Folks other folks looked down upon”. First water, and then, later in the passage, food – the two things so necessary for physical life are the symbols for “Living Water” and “The work and will of God.”

So many people the world over have to struggle to provide water for themselves and their families. While most of us walk into a grocery store to choose from the numbing abundance of food choices, many people have a constant diet – rice and chicken. When we provide the basic necessities for those who lack them, perhaps we are opening a window through which they can “see the one who might be the Christ.”

The story is from the Gospel of John, Chapter 4. It’s the story that provides the grist for the mill of our worship on this Fourth Sunday of Lent. We look forward to worshipping together.

Scripture:  John 4:4-42

Message: Some Time At The Well


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