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The Church—Steeple and People   We all know the rhyme about what the church truly is. “Not a building; not a steeple; not a resting place. The church is a people.” It’s true that we do not need a specific edifice or a certain kind of structure in order for “church” to happen. But the fact is many associate “church” with both a certain kind of people and a structure at some specific location.

So … what kind of “people” are we? What is our reputation?

Our reading from Acts 2 this week uses two words that open a door for some introspection with regard to what and who we are as people, striving to follow Jesus. The words are usually translated “fellowship” (κοινωνία) and “church’’ (ἐκκλησία). Neither of these refer specifically to a building; but the first has to do with the nature of the relationships within the community. The latter is used, in this context, to refer to the reputation the “community” has in the larger world around it.

Today we will spend a few moments considering the connection between our internal relationships as a faith community and our external reputation in “The Greater Burlington Area” and beyond.

While it may sound rather simplistic, it is profoundly true that I am the church. You are the church. We are the church together. And what happens on the inside has a lot to do with the reputation we will acquire on the outside.

Scriptures:  I John 3    Acts 2:42-47      Matthew 23:37-39

Today’s Message:  Where Spirit Can Be At Home


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