July 6 Worship Blog – Science & Religion

Science and Religion … We are doing a sermon series in July that takes us into deep waters. There is no pretense that we will answer questions and solve mysteries that scientists, philosophers and theologians have been mulling over for millennia. Here is what we do hope to accomplish:

First, can we make a distinction between what science does and what religion is? Second, is there any place where the two can speak to each other rather than at each other? “Science” is Latin for “knowledge”. “Religion” comes from Latin as well—but there is dispute over whether it is derived from relegere (to re-read or go over a text), religare (to fasten or bind), or re-eligere (to choose again).

The similarity between these two disciplines is that they both ask big questions –very big questions. They both are engaged in a search for truth. The tension arises between the two when it comes to the methods employed and the conclusions that are drawn. Science is skeptical—of everything. This is what gives conclusions arrived at scientifically their credibility. Religion tells us we have to believe. Faith is the fuel that generates power for the religious impetus.

Today we will consider again the Creation—the beginnings of it all. We will look at what Science wants us to know, and what Religion wants us to believe. It’s a big picture, and we are all in it together!

Scripture ReadingsGenesis 11-2:7    John 1:1-5, 9-10, 14       Neil deGrasse Tyson – The Most Astounding Fact

Sermon Manuscript  A Quick Tour of Two Universes

Offertory    The Scale of the Universe

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Mark Demers

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