August 24: Thomas Aquinas – Inexpressible Mystery

Spiritual Classics—Thomas Aquinas – Inexpressible Mystery Was he a philosopher, or a theologian? Did he write for the intellectual elites or for the common folk? What can be known about God? What can only be believed?

Thomas (1224/1225—1274) was certain that philosophical reason could prove that God exists and that there is only one God. He is classed among those known as “speculative theologians” – those who sought to gain Christian wisdom by seeking to trace the ways of human beings to God using the natural gift of human reason. He entered the murky waters that lie between faith and knowledge. Aquinas accepted that belief (faith) is inaccessible to reason; bur the tenets of our faith are not contrary to reason.

Perhaps most amazing of all, Thomas wrote his Summa Theologica for those who were “beginners”! We might ask just what kind of “beginner” would read and comprehend his work! Perhaps they were first year seminarians? Nonetheless, Thomas Aquinas remains as one of Christianity’s greatest minds, and he means to speak to us all.

Last Sunday we engaged with Teresa of Avila – we entered the cloister. Today we will give Thomas Aquinas a listen – we will enter the classroom!

Scriptures: Sirach 3:17-24     II Thessalonians 3:1-5      John 17:13-21

Message: Inexpressible Mystery (Expressed!)


This article on Aquinas might be of interest.

Music from the time of St. Thomas Aquinas:

Notre Dame Mass

Hildegard of Bingen, O ignis Spiritus Paracliti





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