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September 14 –  9:45 AM   Corner of So. Winooski and Buell

Why Church?

Rachel Stampul, our pastor for Children, Youth and Young Adults, shared a message called Why Jesus? last week.

This week we are asking: Why Church? In the bulletin this week we introduce the message like this:

“Sometimes, so they say, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. We live in a “bowling alone” culture that has begun to feel the effects of isolation. In spite of all we can do for ourselves human beings still long for community.  “Why Church? Because No one can do it all. We need to be with people who share our vision, our values, our hopes. We need to know we are not the only one rowing the boat! Moses had to learn that. Leadership—like life—is most joyfully lived in community.”

But there is more to this question than the community of believers. “Church” really begins with Christ. When we ask “Why Church”, we have to ask first: “Which Church?” The “Church” as defined by whom? Are we thinking of “Church” from a historical perspective? A sociological point of view? Are we thinking from the perspective of the clergy? Denominational bureaucracies?

Theologian Jurgen Moltmann writes: “Christ is his church’s foundation, its power and its hope. It is only where Christ alone rules, and the church listens to his voice only, that the church arrives at its truth and becomes free and a liberating power in the world.”

“Why Church?” and “Why Jesus?” are intimately related questions. Join us for worship this week!

Scriptures: A Reading from Exodus 18    Acts 9:1-6

Message: Why Church?


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