When He Said “Goodbye”

“Jesus wept.” John 11:35         “God will wipe every tear from their eyes …” Revelation 21:4

I don’t know if she remembers it, but we were only married four or five years when we sat across the kitchen table from each other and I said “goodbye” to my wife, Jan. Somewhere along the way I had come to the realization that life doesn’t last forever. Love, no matter how beautiful – life, no matter how blessed – comes to an end. I needed to acknowledge that by saying “goodbye” so I could spend the rest of our life together living and growing into “Hello”. But since whenever it was that I had that “revelation” I find myself crying at even the simplest “goodbyes”.

When we lived in Lake Placid and our sons were living in Vermont I would drive Josh or Micah, whichever one happened to have come for the weekend to visit, to Plattsburgh to take the ferry at Port Kent. I would wait with them and watch them get on the boat. I would stay until the ferry pulled away from the dock. Sometimes I would stay until the boat had faded from sight … and I would cry. I so wanted to reach out, take hold of my son and press him close to my chest.

When I watch my daughter and her family pull out of our driveway as they head back to Connecticut after a weekend visit to Vermont, I cry. September 30 Tuesdevo

And I’m not ashamed to say I cried as I watched Derek Jeter say his “goodbye” to baseball at Fenway Park. One of the fans held up a sign as Jeter stepped to the plate for his last at-bat that read: “Don’t cry because it’s over; Smile because it happened.” That’s a great sign. That’s great advice. It is part of the Christian hope that a day comes when there will be no more goodbyes.

Until then, we sing: No more cryin’ there; we are going to see the King.

Maybe today we can be a bit more conscious of the reality of all of life’s goodbyes. It might help us be more gentle, more grateful, more joyful when we have the opportunity to say “Hello”.

A blessed Tuesday.


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