November 2 – When “Helpers” Aren’t Helping

November Series: “Look for the Helpers” – Begins this week. Our texts for this coming Sunday include Micah 3:5-12 and Mathew 23:1-12. Both texts speak about authority figures who job was to help but whose actions actually hindered. Some of Israel’s prophets cried out “Peace!” when there was no peace. Jesus faults Israel’s teachers for laying heavy burdens on people while they themselves refused to carry those burdens.

Sometimes we find ourselves confronted with systems which were originally intended to help people only to find that the systems only help themselves. Unfortunately that is the reputation many churches have – that we are “out for ourselves” rather than in ministry to the world. Let’s take a good look at that reputation – and make sure it’s not true for First UMC Burlington!

We hope you will join us for worship this Sunday. Mark is our preacher and he invites us to pray the prayer attributed to St. Francis throughout the week. “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Also: All Saints Bouquet  –  Carol Clark will assist us in worship this Sunday, November 2 as we remember loved ones who have joined “the saints above”. Bring a flower in memory and, if you feel so led, share the name of a loved one as Carol assembles our bouquet of remembrance and gratitude.

Prayer of St. Francis

Scriptures:  Micah 3:5-12         Matthew 23:1-12

Sermon    When “Helpers” Aren’t Helping


Video:  We’re supposed to help people!

Musical Rendering of the Prayer of St. Francis

Mark Demers

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