Hey Tom, if you are listening …

First off, If you live in the US and you are reading this post on Tuesday, November 4 and you haven’t voted, stop reading and go vote. We’ll wait….

Welcome back.

We brought flowers to First UMC Burlington this past Sunday and people came forward in a procession to the front of the church. With a rose or carnation in hand, they paused at a microphone, spoke the name of loved ones and shared a sentence or two about why the person or people were important to them. The flowers were transformed from individual blossoms into an “All Saints Bouquet”. There were tears of grief and sadness and there were nods of agreement and smiles as names brought to mind the faces of dear ones now gone from us.

In the final analysis life is about people. Before it is about power or prestige, it is about people. Before it is about competition and fighting your way to the top it is about relationships. Blessed are those who have made us feel loved. Cherished are those who brought laughter to our lives. Forever and fondly remembered are those who forgave us, brought the best out in us, helped us not to take life too seriously in the wrong direction.

Upon learning of the death of Tom Magliozzi one person wrote: “Tom, if you are listening, my car could use some divine intervention.” Saints they are who can, in the midst of the most mundane moments and challenges, encourage us to look heavenward and pray.

As someone said about the NPR Show: “Car Talk was an excuse to talk to people about life.” That’s what Tom and Ray did.

Perhaps that can be our “Tuesday Devotion”. Click or clack your way gently and joyfully into someone’s life today. Really, when you come right down to it, all “religion” is is an excuse to talk to people about life.

A blessed Tuesday …

Celebrating Car Talk

Mark Demers

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