Joined At More than the Hip

“There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit …” I Corinthians 12:4

A new musical opened on Broadway on Monday night. A re-make of a 1997 show, “Side Show” is based on the story of two women, conjoined twins born in England early in the 20th Century. Early reviews of the show are very positive. Abandoned by their mother, sold by their aunt to a vaudeville freak show, the story explores the separate desires of Daisy and Violet Hilton – and their forever entwined lives.

But the headline today in the news – print, radio, the Twitter feed, Facebook status – is that four were killed today in a Jerusalem synagogue as they were praying. The assailants were Palestinian.

The thing we don’t seem to have learned as a human race is that we are quite literally “joined at the hip”. The planet we inhabit and the peace we yearn for, the opportunities we want our children to have and the security we want our aging parents to enjoy – every time we deny these things for another we actually deny them for ourselves.

As we go about our business today perhaps we could look at the people we interact with not only from the perspective of what separates us, but also from the vantage point of what binds us together.

A blessed Tuesday …


NY Times Review of “Side Show”

Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley sing: “I Will Never Leave You”.


Mark Demers

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