From Fear to Joy

Advent Four – “From Fear to Joy”  Fear can be paralyzing. Our daughter has a fear of spiders. As an adult who is well-educated and very cognizant that the household spider is more of an ally than an enemy, still she has to work to convince herself of this.

I struggled as a child with a fear of heights. While friends would climb trees and swing from branches I always found excuses to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Such fears as these are hardly life threatening. And, as stated above, there are ways to educate ourselves such that we can deal with them. When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her of God’s favor her response was one of fear. There are all sorts of reasons that could justify Mary’s reaction; but the angel had to move her from the fear that caused her to question whether God’s promises could come true to a place where she could experience hope and joy.

What are you afraid of? We don’t mean the little things that you can work through. We are referring to the big things that prevent you from experiencing hope. What are the places in your life where you long to hear some angelic consolation telling you there is no reason to be afraid? We invite you to worship with us Sunday as we explore what it means to move From Fear to Joy.

Scripture  Luke 1:26-38

Sermon   From Fear to Joy


Take a listen to The Georgia Mass Choir singing JOY.


Mark Demers

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