Sleep? In Your Dreams!

We continue this week with our “Please Tell Me You Have A Plan” series. With the arrival of a baby as our touch point, this week we will talk about fatigue. Sleep deprivation. Exhaustion. New parents are particularly susceptible to this; but “drowsy” is a condition we all experience and have to deal with.

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between how many hours you sleep and safe you are as a driver? Check out the “Driving Drowsy Facts” link below and learn the difference between getting 7 hours and 8 hours of sleep makes.

Our main text for the day is I Samuel 3:1-10. Samuel is having trouble sleeping. His guardian, Eli, on the other hand is trying to get some rest. But Eli has the spiritual wisdom to finally discern what is actually going on.

So here is a question to ponder: How many biblical characters receive their call or some information related to their ministry at night – while sleeping and dreaming, or in the dark?

Join us for worship this Sunday as we hear a message called Sleep? In Your Dreams!


Driving Drowsy Facts

No lives lost, but 15 seconds of sleep results in devastation all around.

The Stages of an All-Nighter

Here is a flashback from last Sunday – Jan Demers sang the “Wanderer’s Lullaby” during worship. Take a listen to Adriana Figueroa sing “Wanderer’s Lullaby“.

Mark Demers

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