February 1 – What’s To Be Afraid Of?

Did you ever wish you could be a child again? It isn’t uncommon these days to hear people describe a childhood that is much different than what little ones experience today. Unlocked doors; playing outside without worrying about sunshine or strangers; thinking nothing of being gone for the day with friends—your parents knowing you would get lunch somewhere!

Today children attend school under the fear of lockdowns. Parents insist children have cell phones. Can we find our way clear of fear, even if only for a moment? Can we hear the words: “Have no fear”?

Today we juxtapose the tension between War and Peace, between “unquestioning obedience” and faithfully questioning the tradition we hold dear. Is the God of the bible a vengeful, bloody deity? Is that how Jesus interpreted the sacred scriptures? And for all the wars we have fought, are the children any safer? Are they any less afraid? Are we?

Texts: Deuteronomy 6:1-9   Matthew 10:26-31

Message: What’s To Be Afraid Of?


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Mark Demers

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