CVOEO & First UMC Burlington – Keeping It Clean

Looking for an opportunity to serve? Our Trustees are considering partnering with CVOEO to provide a much-needed service for some of our homeless neighbors. If we get Trustee approval and you can help out, please be in touch with Mark or Jan Demers. Here is Jan’s “Plea”:

“Dear Warming Shelter Volunteers,

“One of the challenges faced by the Burlington Warming Shelter is that there are no shower facilities.   This has made it so difficult for our guests.   I have tried several avenues for some solution and have found one potential answer.

“The trustees of the First United Church in Burlington are seriously considering opening their church for the use of showers four days a week.   Today the pastor (who also happens to be my husband) monitored the showers and is also washing the towels.  We had some VERY grateful men who made use of this option.

“So my plea:   Is there anyone with some time who could commit to either monitoring this activity – two hours and/or be willing to wash some towels one of the days of the week?

“days for showers will be Monday (8:30 – 10:30), Wednesday (8:30 – 10:30), Friday (8:30 – 10:30) and Saturday (3:00 to 4:45).   Clean towels would need to be returned ½ an hour on the next day of shower time.

“Thank you for considering this opportunity.

“AND an update on the use of the Shelter.  We have been full every night so far.   There were two nights when we went into an overflow of couches and chairs to keep people safe and warm.      The vast majority of guests are returning night after night.   This is definitely a low barrier shelter.      The staff and the volunteers have been absolutely remarkable.   The guests have shown restraint in trying times.   This is a good work.

I am so very grateful to you all.”  Jan Demers

Mark Demers

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