You Have To Start Over … Again

This is Week Five of our “Things We Don’t Want To Hear” series. “Starting over” can be one of the most difficult things to do. We won’t be touching too much on this in the service, but I am reminded of what it is like for “New Americans” – for refugees and seekers of asylum who come to a foreign land, don’t know the language, and find themselves having to begin again. Surgeons are working in gas stations; teachers are housekeepers at the hospital. Those are dramatic examples of ways in which some folks have to start over.

For most of us “starting over” might not be quite as dramatic but no less frustrating. Mid-Life Crisis – isn’t that the result of people having spent a significant portion of the life doing things that suddenly don’t seem all that important? Our biblical text for the day is John 3:1-16. Nicodemus is not a young many by any stretch of the imagination; yet he finds himself missing something essential in his life only to learn that he will have to be “born again”. How can this be! It’s really more of a statement of disbelief than an actual question. At my age am I to crawl back into my mother’s womb?

Obviously not. But what is required might not be all that less difficult for him. In order to truly experience God’s presence with us we might have to circle back around and start over again in a new direction. The link below is to the manuscript I plan to use for the message.

You Have To Start Over … Again


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