You Are Not In Control

This is the sixth – and last – Sunday of Lent. We began on Ash Wednesday with a series of messages we called: Seven Things You Don’t Want to Hear. The first thing we examined together was our mortality. We are going to die. We have dealt with money, winning, the need to start over, temptation, our ego. This Sunday we conclude the series with this word: You Are Not In Control.

Our Palm Sunday text is taken from Luke 19:28-40. Pharisees want Jesus to get control over the crowd. Of course, what they really wanted was to have control over Jesus himself.

Here is the question: How much control do you have in your life? I suspect many of us assume that we are in control of much of our life … that is, until something happens. And then, like driving on ice, we realize we are only along for the ride. Stomping on brakes and turning the steering wheel suddenly have no meaning. Perhaps we need to think about being responsible in the midst of things as they are rather than being in control of what we want to happen.

Notes for the sermon: You Are Not In Control

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