He Died; Guess What Happened Next!

We are using the shorter, “urtext” edition of Mark’s Gospel and his telling of the Resurrection Story. We believe that in its earliest form, Mark’s Gospel concluded with Mark 16:1-8. In music, the “urtext” editions are the ones which have the least amount of editorial suggestions possible, staying as close to the original manuscripts as possible.

With this in mind, Mark tells us of the empty tomb; but he doesn’t give us any information with regard to any appearances of Jesus. That is for us to imagine.

We will be hearing Adam Hall’s Resurrection Parody of Uptown Funk – be prepared! But we will also sing together, accompanied by brass and organ, the traditional Christ the Lord is Risen Today.

The message is called: Who Will Roll Away The Stone? (You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!)

Christ is Risen. Christ is Risen Indeed! (Alleluia!)

— — —

Our Minister of Music – Adam Hall – and “Resurrection Uptown Funk“.

Mark Demers

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