God Called. I Answered. The Adventure Continues.

hike with youth

Bishop Devadhar has encouraged all of the pastors in our conference to preach about our call stories at least once this year. Like fingerprints, each story is bound to be unique in ways that are particular to the person doing the storytelling. It seems likely that every human is called to service in one way or another in our world. For those of us called to preach, inspire, and lead the body of Christ, our callings are neither more nor less important than any other, but we are in a unique position to share these stories.        …So here’s mine…

The texts for this Sunday are Esther 4, Luke 12:42-48, and 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and I will reflect on how these passages intersect with my own story. It is an adventure! Come along for the journey!

The Message: God Called. I Answered. The Adventure Continues.

Rachel Fraumann

My personal mission is to translate the life and teachings of Jesus to the next generation of peace and justice seekers in and around Burlington Vermont. I’m always up for a friendly argument, a free hug, or to be available as a compassionate ear or shoulder to cry upon. I have an insatiable curiosity for ideas and love to talk about theology, religion, politics, science, or whatever is on your mind. My current passion is about peeling back the centuries of church tradition in order to find the root of our faith in the teachings and ministries of Jesus so that it can be put into practice. After fifteen years of professional ministry with young people I still love watching a newly empowered Child of God set out to change the world!