Climb While You Can

The Children’s Ward in a hospital can be a tough place to visit. There is the optimism that emanates from the staff – healers who exude hope. There is the reality of disease and sickness that for some of these little ones will shorten their lives and leave the gaping hole of grief for parents, grandparents, siblings and school friends.

Children are supposed to laugh, have tantrums, spit up, climb stairs, catch cold and then get better. They are supposed to provide equal amounts of worry and joy, exhaustion and exuberance for the adults who love them. When illness takes them down and holds them there for extended periods of time, what parent doesn’t long for the days of toys cluttering the room, of sibling arguments, of the childhood fascination with hearing the same story over and over again?

I seldom take the elevator. If there are stairs, I climb them – not because it’s good for me, but because I can. I am a child – and so are you. I watch my one year-old granddaughter delight in climbing the stairs – not because it is good for her, but because she can. If you can climb today, do it. Relish in the reality of your good health, your ability to move about, the energy within you. Give thanks for mobility, for a heart that beats strong. And let every step you take be a reminder to pray for the little ones who lie prone with some ailment or disease. Remember them … and the families that love them.

A blessed Tuesday.

Mark Demers

Want to talk about sex, politics, spirituality? So do I. I grew up in a religious home in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our country was reeling from assassinations and the devastation of the Viet Nam War. Looking for something beautiful, I got a degree in music, married the love of my life and had children. Looking for God, I then went to seminary. Looking for something that might transform the world, I became a local church pastor. Now, I’m always looking for people who want to talk about important things. I cherish conversations with emerging leaders, people who are antsy to try an idea they believe would change the world for the better. I’d would love to hear from you.