April, 2016

April 14 Serving

Leadership Redefined

David Brooks tells the Civil War story of Colonel Robert McAllister, determined to “improve the moral fiber of his men”. A Presbyterian, McAllister did…

April 12

Compassion, or Confusion?

Pope Francis has done it again! He has some people cheering and others rolling their eyes and doing a head-slap. In his Amoris Laetitia, he…


Savior, Not Showman

Frank Bruni wrote a piece about Donald Trump, suggesting that whatever happens in the Republican nomination or the general election, he won’t quietly disappear….

April 5 devo

Our City Is A Mess

My daughter and her family lived in Nyon, Switzerland for four years. This town, with its current population of almost 20,000, is described as…

Pope Blog

Choosing Leaders

Let one of the contenders say something about Muslims, Women, Walls, Immigration, Terrorism – and within seconds they are being quoted, tweeted and retweeted…