(Young) Adults in Leadership

“Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” I Timothy 4:12

On Monday evening, the United Methodist Church General Conference was hearing a report regarding the “Young Clergy Initiative“. “In the year 2032, if trends continue, the United Methodist Church will face a shortage of trained ordained elders for appointment to local congregations.”

The Young Clergy Facebook Page reports that “those most likely to be making decisions for the United Methodist Church are those who will spend the least amount of time living with the consequences.”

The Burlington Free Press had an article about Shelburne Town Manager Joe Colangelo’s proposed initiative to involve youth in town government. The Select Board approved the initiative a year ago, and it’s working.

You can read articles about people looking for work with varying levels of success.

Let’s not talk about student debt.

But let’s do this – for the (young) adults in your family, your neighborhood, your work place, at church and wherever else you hang out – congratulate the grads; encourage the job-seekers; be generous with your love. And make sure they have opportunities to lead and serve.

A blessed Tuesday.



Mark Demers

Want to talk about sex, politics, spirituality? So do I. I grew up in a religious home in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our country was reeling from assassinations and the devastation of the Viet Nam War. Looking for something beautiful, I got a degree in music, married the love of my life and had children. Looking for God, I then went to seminary. Looking for something that might transform the world, I became a local church pastor. Now, I’m always looking for people who want to talk about important things. I cherish conversations with emerging leaders, people who are antsy to try an idea they believe would change the world for the better. I’d would love to hear from you.