Hgher Plane

A Higher Plane

I was visiting with a friend who loves literature and music. He doesn’t read much history, and he shared his reasons for this. While…


Dying in Time

It’s something Leo said that gave me a whole new perspective on death, resurrection and Jesus. Of course, we have been singing about the…

Sowing Seed

Generous, And Free

Sometimes a line, a phrase someone says or writes catches you and stays with you. Leo the Great, a pope in the church in…

Civil War

$54 Billion to the Military

As the 19th century was giving way to the 20th, there was increasing pressure to declare war against Spain. But the generation who had…


Witnessing Marvels

It was a way of remembering our baptism – that we would dip our finger into a font of water – “holy water” –…

Lennon More Popular than Jesus

More Popular Than Jesus

It’s just over 51 years ago (March 4, 1966) that John Lennon made the observation, based on the attendance at church in England and…

2017 Ashes

Burning Palms on Mardi Gras

“Blow the trumpet; return to the Lord with all your heart, with fasting and weeping …” And, I might add, with the burning of last…

Magic Show

A Program, Not a Magic Trick

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if religion magically made all your problems disappear? That’s what some people think it is! And when it doesn’t work…


Waiting in the Rain

Back in the day when rain gear wasn’t so “stylin’” we wore yellow slickers and those boots that pulled over your shoes and buckled….


When the Majority Loses

There were three players – a grown-up man, an eight year-old boy, and the team of grandfather/six year-old girl. The game: Dark Tower. Set in…