Waiting in the Rain

Back in the day when rain gear wasn’t so “stylin’” we wore yellow slickers and those boots that pulled over your shoes and buckled….


No Selfies; No Tweets

NY Times:  In its first week of sales it is expected that Adele’s latest album will sell over 3 million copies in the United…

Advent Worship

From Fear to Joy

Advent Four – “From Fear to Joy”  Fear can be paralyzing. Our daughter has a fear of spiders. As an adult who is well-educated…

Christmas-music Picture

Tuesdevo: Bring On the Christmas Music

I used to be a real stickler.  No Christmas carols until Christmas.  “Advent” isn’t “Christmas“.  Liturgically and theologically, this makes sense.  But the congregational…

December Series Image

After Sunday: War No More?

“War is as damaging to our souls as it is to our prestige, power and security… We have convinced ourselves that because we have…